Our Approach

Going out to find unique items at flea markets, antique/vintage stores, garage sales, etc. should be fun, exciting, and an experience.  We set our store to help provide that experience for our customers.  The store is open one weekend a month.  Customers can expect many new items and changes for each visit.  The excitement is we listen to our customers and work during our closed store time to bring what they want.  This is why our customers continue to visit us each month because the expectation is each visit is new and different.  We hope you will visit us at our next weekend to experience this for yourself.

Meet the Team

Come meet Laura Castro and Rhonda Stanley who are dedicated to continuing to find unique items for Vintage Attic.  There are always stories to be told regarding many of the items that provides more value to the customers.

Keep in Touch

We would like to keep in touch by notifying you of upcoming sales at our store or other events we are participating in.  Sign up to be on our email list by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

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