Get With the New Hip Entertaining Craze “Charcuterie Boards”

Pronounced [shar-koo-tuh–ree]. If you are not familiar with Charcuterie boards your first question is probably –  What Is a Charcuterie Board? Charcuterie is french for the art of preparing cured or smoked meats, cheese, olives, bread, nuts, etc. It’s beyond the cheese platter or relish dishes of the past.  This is an easy and ideal solution to have small meals with friends and family before dinner or a wine appetizer get together.  Because the focus is on meat, this could be built as a dinner.

How Fun Is this? The board is shared so this will inspire conversation with people while enjoying the Charcuterie.  It is amazing setting a theme which can include  seasonal fruits and veggies or concentrating on a particular holiday  having something for everyone.  

Let the Fun Begin! – Charcuterie Board Assembly

Color and Texture  Ideally, you should have a variety of color and texture to make the board interesting and beautiful.  Use bright color such a red – tomatoes, strawberries, greens – kiwi, grapes, orange – cheddar cheese.  Use the color to help balance out the bland colored items on your board. Mix up the colors to help make your presentation colorful.  Texture is about smooth, rough and shiny surfaces which like color should be mixed on the board to help create balance. There is no wrong way of putting this together, just have fun.

Start With Bowls  Bowls are ideal for olives, mozzarella balls, small nuts, jams, mustards, bruschetta, and dips.  Bowls are great to lean crackers, stack cheese, etc. on.  The amount of bowls will depend on the size of the board but  don’t overdue the amount used.

Meats and Cheese  Put the larger pieces of meat and cheese on the board first.  Be creative with different cuts used for meat and cheese for an impressive presentation. 

Fruit & Garnish Ideally, use fruit that is in season.   Grapes, berries, apple slices, dried fruits are the ideal choices to be creative with color.  Fresh herbs for garnish can be added such as parsley, basil, etc.

Don’t forget the bread, crackers, baguette slices, or  crostini.  If your board is not big enough, serve in a basket or serving dish.  

The 4 S’s Rule

 This rule will help provide a truly balanced experience. Here are some examples:

  • Sweet: Fruit (fresh and dried), jams and spreads 
  • Savory: Cheese and meats  
  • Salty. Cured meats, cheese, nuts, and crackers
  • Spicy. Pepper jelly, jalapeño – habanero  cheese

When serving, use small plates such as cheese/appetizer plates, serving knives, napkins.  Have with wine, sparkling water, or any beverage that does not take away from the Charcuterie board experience of different tastes.  

Since the 15th century, the Charcuterie board has brought people together for great food and conversation.

If you are wondering, where can I get a Charcuterie board, Vintage Attic has a line of handcrafted boards from Tahlequah grown trees.  Each board is unique in color, design, shape, and size. Come visit us to see the collection of Charcuterie boards and be part of history revitalized. 


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  1. Very interested in purchasing a board. Can you let me know sizes and prices? Can I order online and have it shipped? Thank you in advance

  2. Charcuterie Boards Are either walnut or oak and approximately 10”-12” wide. The small ones are 24” long and are $40.00. The medium ones are 25”-30” and are $50.00 and the large ones are 31”-36” and are $60.00. They can be shipped anywhere in the US.

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