Long Time Staple in The Kitchen Making Memories

Pyrex Bowls

Pyrex has been a memory in my life growing up.  My Grandma had some, my Mom did and then to follow tradition, I had Pyrex. I always loved to cook and bake and these bowls were part of that experience, not thinking much of the value of the dishes/bowls because it was something needed in the kitchen.  

During the earlier years of Pyrex bowls, this was something that was a necessity during your time in the kitchen.  Who would of ever guessed that these items would become collectible and worth anything more than the amount originally paid. 

It is amazing to look at the history of Pyrex and after all these years celebrated it’s 105th anniversary.  The journey began with the wife of a Corning Glass physicist asking if glass would be a good material to use for casserole pans.   The idea blossomed into the Pyrex line for home use. The amazing part of the story is Pyrex has been manufactured in the United States.  It reminds all of us how important home cooking, family meals, and the support of our country is.

The line of Pyrex has had over 150 different designs over the years, some more popular than others.  There are many rare patterns that are desirable to the collectors.  If you are looking at Pyrex dishes, there is a lot of information on line to help figure out the design, value and manufacturing date.  

After over a century of Pyrex products in our kitchens, it is amazing that the brand is still recognized, loved, and all generations want to used these products.   As a collector, you are able to use the dishes and display them on your countertop or dinner table.

What an amazing piece of American history.