The Lowdown on Blue Willow

Have you ever wondered if the pattern on Blue Willow dinnerware had any significant meaning?

The legend of Blue Willow is a beautiful love story that is centuries old. A rich, old Mandarin father had an only daughter who fell in love with her father’s secretary. The Mandarin father was very angry and forbid the two lovers to meet again. The lovers, after many days apart, secretly met and flew away together as love birds, to be forever happy.

The original Blue Willow china was made in England which started in 1780 by Thomas Minton. While the blue color is the classical color, the china was made in brown, pink, and multi colors.

There are certain items that are pictured in the authentic pattern. Look for the following items:

  • willow trees
  • Chinese pine trees
  • a bridge with three men on it
  • a fence
  • a boat
  • a teahouse (or pagoda)
  • two birds in flight

There are many companies that have produced Blue Willow. Always educate yourself prior to making a purchase of “antique” Blue Willow to make sure you are buying an authentic piece.

Happy shopping.

Blue Willow China